New York Times: Drones Pique the Interest of Entrepreneurs

  • Drones on the Farm

The New York Times covers HoneyComb, drones, and how the pending changes in FAA regulations are set to reshape the industry and agriculture as we know it.

The New York Times notes:

One recent convert to HoneyComb’s AgDrone found an irrigation leak, saving him nearly $100,000 in crop loss. Another grower was able to detect the onset of blight in his potatoes early enough to apply the needed fungicide in time to save the crop.

Also noting the difficulties in scouting on foot and how drones provide a much more efficient means of surveying.

Usually farmers scout for problems on foot, covering approximately 10 acres an hour. The AgDrone from HoneyComb can cover 700 acres an hour, producing high-resolution 2-D and 3-D maps that can be used to assess most aspects of crop health.

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