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Streamline your Operations with HoneyComb Farm™

HoneyComb Farm NDVI

Add Notes

Easily add markers, fields, and notes, documenting what’s happening in the field.

Export Maps

Export imagery to generate your own scouting reports, prescription maps, and anything else you desire.

Share Data

Collaborate with team members by sharing maps, notes, and other data.

Fast, Automatic & Accurate Data Processing

Agricultural NDVI Map

Optimized for Agriculture

We’ve matched our AgDrone System™, MakeMap™ Processing, and HoneyComb Farm™ application to produce superior results in agriculture.

Multispectral Processing

With dual cameras HoneyComb uses six channels to produce high definition maps without sacrificing spectral accuracy or resolution.

Automated from Start to Finish

Upload imagery and we handle the rest. No workflow or GIS expertise required.

Fast Processing

As soon as a job hits our servers we begin processing. No queues or waiting in line.

Visible & NDVI Maps

Generate visible and NDVI maps with every flight, eliminating the need to fly twice.

Want to Learn More?

Check out our blog post, or contact us for a demo.