About HoneyComb

HoneyComb is an Oregon-based company leading the development of drone technology and data processing services for the agricultural sector. Our company spans a wide range of disciplines including mechanical, electrical, computer, and web-based engineering with no shortage of exciting technical challenges. We produce robots that fly autonomously, gather and process large datasets, and have a direct impact on global food production and sustainability.

Part 107: FAA Small Unmanned Aircraft Regulations

On June 21, 2016 the FAA published the final version of its small unmanned aircraft systems (sUAS) regulations commonly referred to as Part 107. These rules, set to take effect on August 29, 2016, clearly define how to operate your HoneyComb AgDrone System™ legally for commercial purposes in the United States. No longer will you have to obtain a Section 333 exemption for commercial activities which have previously taken months for the FAA to approve. Now most commercial operations [...]

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FAA Releases Final Commercial Drone Rules

The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) and Department of Transportation (DOT) have released the long-awaited final rule for routine operation of commercial small unmanned aircraft systems, also known as "drones." This represents a major milestone in the industry and paves the way for streamlined operations across industries, including agriculture, forestry, and land surveying. The rules will take effect in August 2016 and are inline with what HoneyComb has promoted and advocated—balancing safety, innovation, and common sense. Section 333 exemptions are no longer required [...]

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The Economist: The Future of Agriculture

The Economist covers the future of agriculture and how drones are reshaping it. Things are changing in the air, too. In a recapitulation of the early days of manned flight, the makers of unmanned agricultural drones are testing a wide range of designs to find out which is best suited to the task of flying multispectral cameras over farms. The article highlights some of the challenges with drone systems and how low endurance is an issue with multirotor systems. Some [...]

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New York Times: Drones Pique the Interest of Entrepreneurs

The New York Times covers HoneyComb, drones, and how the pending changes in FAA regulations are set to reshape the industry and agriculture as we know it. The New York Times notes: One recent convert to HoneyComb’s AgDrone found an irrigation leak, saving him nearly $100,000 in crop loss. Another grower was able to detect the onset of blight in his potatoes early enough to apply the needed fungicide in time to save the crop. Also noting the difficulties in [...]

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HoneyComb Releases Advanced Image Processing Engine

Over the past several years HoneyComb has worked hard to revolutionize how drone-based image processing is done. This has been an endeavor that has focused on quality, reliability, and accuracy of data, with careful development of the AgDrone System™ to match our data processing objectives. Unlike any competitors' offering, HoneyComb's camera system and image processing pipeline are both custom built, in-house creations carefully designed and calibrated to work together. The camera system consists of two sensors, one capturing ordinary color and [...]

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Drones soon will be Buzzing Busily over Oregon Fields and Forests

The Gazette Times highlights how drones are being used in agriculture and forestry. Wilbur-Ellis, a national billion-dollar agricultural supply company, recently received Federal Aviation Administration approval to operate the AgDrone commercially. Wilbur-Ellis representatives plan to use the drone to generate chemical prescription maps based on plant health. The drone’s sensors will provide the map data so that applicators can target specific areas and prevent over-spray. HoneyComb's research partnership with Oregon State University is highlighted on how new analysis techniques are being [...]

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Drones: The Newest Water-Saving Tool for Parched Farms

KQED in California covers the emergence of agricultural drone technology and how it is being used to save water on farms during California's historic drought. Farmers represent a growing share of the market for drones. The Association for Unmanned Vehicle Systems International, a trade group that represents drone producers, predicts farms will eventually account for 80 percent of the commercial drone market. And in California, some farmers are looking at the technology as a way to save water during the [...]

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Helping Test a UAS for Precision Agriculture & Forestry

HoneyComb is recognized as an Oregon BEST company, receiving $150,000 to develop and test an unmanned aircraft system for precision agriculture and forestry. "We're pleased to be partnering with the PDC to help this Oregon startup compete in an arena where Oregon's rich history of agricultural and forestry research intersect with our strengths in high technology innovation," said David Kenney, President and Executive Director of Oregon BEST. "Precision agriculture will dramatically improve the efficiency of global food production and this [...]

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