The Economist: The Future of Agriculture

The Economist covers the future of agriculture and how drones are reshaping it.

Things are changing in the air, too. In a recapitulation of the early days of manned flight, the makers of unmanned agricultural drones are testing a wide range of designs to find out which is best suited to the task of flying multispectral cameras over farms.

The article highlights some of the challenges with drone systems and how low endurance is an issue with multirotor systems.

Some firms, such as Agribotix in Boulder, Colorado, prefer quadcopters, a four-rotored modern design that has become the industry standard for small drones, though it has limited range and endurance. A popular alternative, the AgDrone, built by HoneyComb of Wilsonville, Oregon, is a single-engine flying wing that looks as if it has escaped from a 1950s air show.

If you’re interested in a broad view of Digital Agriculture, The Economist provides a good overview.

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