Helping Test a UAS for Precision Agriculture & Forestry

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HoneyComb is recognized as an Oregon BEST company, receiving $150,000 to develop and test an unmanned aircraft system for precision agriculture and forestry.

“We’re pleased to be partnering with the PDC to help this Oregon startup compete in an arena where Oregon’s rich history of agricultural and forestry research intersect with our strengths in high technology innovation,” said David Kenney, President and Executive Director of Oregon BEST. “Precision agriculture will dramatically improve the efficiency of global food production and this partnership will help position Oregon as a leader in this emerging sector.”

The article highlights HoneyComb’s engagement with Oregon State University, the Columbia Basin Agricultural Research Center, and the broad-based impact on agriculture.

“In addition to data validation and system operating feedback, we’re also playing a key role for HoneyComb because only public institutions can sponsor current UAS flights,” Wing said. “We were the first public institution in Oregon to be registered with the FAA.”

Wing said. “Farmers won’t have to worry about analyzing the data because they will get it all geo-referenced and mapped so it’s immediately useful to them.”

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